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Reveling in shape, texture and sense of humor, Jordi Gandul manifests in his stunning work that art should never be boring. He has been around crafting large-scale art since he was 13. At 18 Jordi discovered his passion for graphic design and digital illustration, both worlds he is continuing to explore with delight. Working as a freelance mostly on commissioned logos, illustrations and producing art prints, he seeks to develop elegantly engaging visuals influenced by typography, urban art, skate, music, food and good beer. Jordi Gandul is based in Tarragona, Spain and this influence shows in his warm and vibrant use of colour, describing the Mediterranean climate of his home country so well. 

 Guille Jimeno grabs you with his masterful handling of psychedelic palettes, surreal characters, rawness of a line and outstanding storytelling. With a passionate interest for sci-fi, cosmos, technology, illustrating the ocult worlds and travelling, it was not a big decision for Guille to move from a town in the interior of La Mancha, Spain called Valdepeñas, to Cuenca and then to Valencia to become an artist with the most hermetic and mystical portfolio of work. With a degree in Fine Arts and a Master's degree in Design and Illustration, Guille develops an underground, psychedelic graphic style evolving out of a fascination for the graffiti culture and cyberpunk aesthetics. With a clear influence of the 90s and 2000s, he defines his style as a "TechnoTrash". The dreamlike surrealism of David Lynch, the mastery of Kubrick, Carpenter, Cronemberg, Scott, the thrilling stories of Akira Toriyama, Katsuhiro Otomo and Moebius have greatly influenced Jimeno’s way of drawing.

After graduating with Design and Visual Communication Degree in Mexico, Greece Zamora Gonzalez, AKA "Gree" rolled straight into a successful career in design, advertising and finally in a videogame industry. It was in the video games studio when she realized that what she is most passionate about is illustration, drawing and concept art. Her delicate digital works really do take whimsical illustration to another realm. Gree let herself be inspired by her day to day, the things that she lives and feels, her plants, her personal items, things she heard or saw, full of magic, there is nature, space and adventures, exciting and transmitting peace, the whole personal world of Gree is there. 

Mayha Suaysom started drawing because she was better and faster in taking notes and remembering things with pictures rather than with words. Comics, cartoons and illustrations help her to be imaginative and live beyond the known realities. Mayha’s style can be described as “less is more and more is less” and greatly influenced by her passion for arquitecture and design. Born in Bangkok, Thailand, she finds exciting cultural exchanges and eating culture. She graduated in Interior Architecture, Art Communication, Editorial design and Illustration. Currently Mayha lives in Stuttgart where she finds inspiration in daily situations. She is also highly concerned about the environmental issues and today dedicates her piece to the social cause.

Anna Dart is one of our most unusual artists, and not surprisingly her work is quite striking with those magnetic portraits and a passionate call for better universal human connection. For her digital works Anna manipulates her watercolour and acrylic images searching for the deep emotion and finding the inspiration in contemporary dance and drama. Co-founder of Exquisite Workers and a co-creator of DigitalArt4Climate, UN associated iniatiative, Anna promotes ecological and social sustainability as well as mental health. In her own words, when it comes to the social or artistic contribution, Anna brings a deep sense of purpose, her light and sense of excellence. 

Line Birgitte is 35 years old and lives in Odense in Denmark with her husband and two small boys. She has studied design and interaction design and now works out of home making digital illustrations and linocuts. She is interested in depicting relations - between people or between people and the world and all the things that exist there - and making things that we may already know apparent - things that we may not be aware of or have forgotten. She loves the theater, for the thrills and using the turntable at the local ceramics workshop, even though what she produces mostly collapses in the end, for the mindfulness.

Tom Hoff is an illustrator and graphic artist born in Santiago de Chile. After starting a design and illustration studio in his hometown, he dedicated himself to nurturing his graphic style by undertaking the Master's​ degree in illustration and comics in Elisava, Barcelona. Tom creates exquisitely crafted and intricate drawings with a sharp line. His lustrous illustrations are at the same time both beautiful and satirical, with a deep-rooted fascination with multicultural narratives. His personal work is characterized by evoking characters that mix reality with fiction, in order to convey a new world to be seen and explored by the viewer.​

Originally from Chile, Nico Lob lives in Korea. This colourful, nomadic story reflects in her warm, vivid colour palettes and concise collection of stylistic influences. Captivated since childhood by fantastic sceneries of Western cartoons and Asian animation, Nico who started originally as a graphic designer, has recently dabbled into the digital storytelling. She aspires to develop characters that could fit the game and animation industry and be released as Art Toy collections. The unusual creatures living in her brilliant imaginary world are often appreciated as a fair balance of oddity and cuteness while her drawing style most likely fits with words like chaos, alternative, oniric, and misfit. 

Malakkai's first contact with graffiti was in late 1999 and he instantly fell in love with it. Over the years he begins to travel and see that he has friends over the half of the planet Earth. This only makes him even more passionate about the urban art. You can find his murals and painted walls in multiple places: from Vidreres to Nian Xian, passing through Ciudad Juárez, Djerba, Düsseldorf, Almería and Naples. It is thanks to this experience with street art that he decided to dedicate himself professionally to the illustration and muralism. Lover of desaturated colors, Malakkai creates vivid expressive characters with irony and a touch of melancholy. Today he brings one of them as far as to Uranus!

David Uzcategui is a versatile artist who seeks to generate awareness through disruption giving the best of himself in each piece. David began his creative career in a world of traditional illustration with a particular interest in hyperrealism. With a degree in Graphic Design and experience in Motion Graphics, David joined the Walt Disney Company and became the proud creator of the FOMO Duck of the Highstreet Metaverse. Today David joins our creative roaster and Exquisite Corpse game.

Elvis Marshall is a conceptual creative with extremely wide-ranging talents. No matter what his medium, his work is deeply personal displaying his unbounded imagination and eye for design. It was in his childhood that the cult of the American superhero- and Underground comic, manga and anime exerted such power over his young mind that managed to raise his imagination to places far away from the school desk. His curiosity for the urban art and illustration definitely led him to study graphic arts that he unintentionally married with the performance. In a parallel and stealthy way, dance, martial arts and performing arts have been the platforms where he was able to use his knowledge from the graphic world, producing posters for theater companies and painting performances.

Born and raised in Barcelona, Roger Haus converted his passion for digital art into the driving force to build the project which is here to make history - Exquisite Workers. Excited about the mesmerizing work of Surrealists, Roger’s art is an invitation to self-reflection. His most famous work “Hypnagogies” has been featured on Wetransfer, TimeOut and Visions Gallery. Graduated at La Llotja Arts and Crafts Academy and Superior School of Design and Fashion IDEP and with 15 years of experience creating award-winning digital products, Roger Haus has ventured into developing a visual language for Cocoon, Els Amics de les Arts, and the UN-associated DigitalArt4Climate.

Pablo Ferrer originally comes from Granada where he studied at the Academy of Arts and Crafts. Pablo explores the color and line by transforming the walls and facades into mesmerising pieces that tell stories. Pablo is able to create complex universes where reality coexists with metaphorical aspects. Surreal and psychological, his world can be interpreted on a multitude of levels. His works, striking with contrasts, tend to adapt to the culture and history of the people who inhabit the place where Pablo works. Pablo’s technique is mixed: he combines aerosol, acrylic paint, inks and today a little bit of stardust.

Fernanda Fierro is a Mexican illustrator and designer trained at the Faculty of Arts and Design at UNAM, Mexico City. Her work is characterized by the use of vibrant textures and radiant colors which give life to her multiple characters. Constantly seeking to adapt her style to the diverse mediums and to capture the way she feels and sees the world, she aims to connect with a spectator in a deep level. Fernanda signs under the name "Muertísima" and is excited about the idea of becoming one day inspiration for young creators like her. 

A fine arts graduate in Barcelona, César Marcén approaches his artistic projects from an ironic and surreal perspective. Among his work we can find typography art, epic portraits and drawings representing the apocalyptic scenes which seem to come from a dream world. His light and expressive brushwork glides across the page, recreating the human or animal form with an inherent elegance. A lover of Indie comics and experimental electronic music, he finds joy in a digital drawing. His most notable graphic references range from Katsuhiro Otomo, James Jean and Daniel Richter to classic figures such as Albrecht Dürer and El Bosco. César is currently working as a graphic manager in a high-end fashion brand that will start its journey this year in Barcelona. 

Graduated in 2010 from the Higher Institute of Design in Havana, Juan Carlos Polo Chaviano works in the creative group Proyecto Espacios Cuba. Juan Carlos shows great interest in illustration as an efficient communication tool and explores its significance of the two-dimensional frame and conventional scales and its use in interior design, blacksmithing, furniture customization and product development. Distilling stories into minimalist explosions of colour, he is constantly seeking opportunities to allow images to speak volume. Juan Carlos’s work emphasizes composition to convey emotion and encode information. The bright illustrations of astronauts, monsters and entities from other planets often evoke an anxious feel and questions whilst maintaining softness and elegance.

Bricx Martillo Dumas, A.K.A. "ShrimpPaste" was born in 1991 in Leyte, Philippines. Influenced by Surrealism and Fauvism, he uses a vibrant array of colours and intense strokes to create works of emotion. In 2016, he decided to take his talents to the academe to educate the younger generation after discovering his passion for teaching, while creating a documentary about the indigenous music of the Palawan Tribe. Currently, Bricx works with traditional and digital media, and devotes his life to educate and promote Filipino culture and identity. Bricx is the 1st prize Winner of the DigitalArt4Climate NFT contest at COP26 and has been featured at CNN as well as WSJ+.

We struck gold when we stumbled upon a talent like Hirofumi Ito. Born and raised in Japan, since he was a child he has loved drawing more than exercise. He loved to scribble on back of boring school test papers with his black ballpoint pen and by simply starting drawing, practicing, strengthening his technique, he became a self-taught artist. Since 2016 Hirofumi has been sharing his creations on Instagram where he recreates his fantasy worlds derived from a traditional Japanese culture. Monsters, girls, molluscs, mushrooms as well as all possible ridiculous, absurd and attractive things that the artist imagined as a child become the protagonists of his personal work. He expects his ideas to become the means to connect with people living in remote places. Today his art has reached as far as the Solar System.

Barcelona born, Jordi Barenys exhausted his early ambitions of becoming an engineer and right before graduating as an Industrial designer and a Product developer, he leaves his studies and immediately enrolls in a professional training at Massana art school. He understood that drawing it is what he has always wanted to do. Moving straight into commercial illustration the commissioning world embraced him with high profile jobs and an award for the best illustrated book in a paper format ("Newton and his moves"). His fantastical and detailed illustrations, a burst of colour and energy, packed with psychedelic dream-like environments and a sprinkle of ingenuity, now become a part of the story of Crypto Exquisite Corpse. 

Born in Madrid, Rubén del Pino travelled around Spain in order to obtain the best arts education. He studied in Zaragoza Academy of Arts and currently continues his training in Malaga. He has extensively worked as a books & articles illustrator. Some of his audiovisual works have been screened at video and storytelling festivals and participated in multiple exhibitions in his home country and abroad. Rubén is passionate about generating sketchy aesthetics and experimenting with image textures which he eventually makes an essential narrative element in his sublime, seemingly casual creations. He likes to play with viewer’s imaginary by exploring scenes of moderate violence which handle symbols such as electronics, worship and humor, without being explicit in any of the terms.

Early signs of Merle’s quirky illustration style snuck into content graphics for Jamie Oliver’s TV series, Jamie at home, while working at Hello Charlie in Bristol. It was motherhood that gave her a pause to re-think her life and go after what she had always wanted to be. Now that hidden illustrator has come out from behind the curtain and taken over her life. Merle’s Instagram feed shows the evolutionary journey of her style as she honed her craft. From the first illustration she shared to her latest post you will see her quirky and subtle sense of humour. As her notoriety grew, she picked up projects for children’s books and publications, illustrating a song about the sea for Mare magazine, which her family have been collecting since it was first released in 1997. She originally worked exclusively in ink until she moved over to Procreate. The combination of ink and digital has given her greater control of the style she has become known for.

Liking nothing better than depicting nature and creating elegant humanlike animal characters, to date Christa's work has included 3 illustrated books for children, one of those was awarded at Bologna International Children Book Fair (2019). Christa is a passionate naturalist and introspective artist based in Barcelona. She values and enjoys the freedom of the creative process in which she explores the limits of imagination and boundaries of technique. When it comes to drawing, she starts from the most abstract part, playing with composition and color, in order to sculpt within this space of possibilities the protagonists of her stories and then fill them with realistic details.​ 

From warm Costa Rica, Daniel Gómez, more known as Gomaloca, found his second home in sunny Barcelona. Having been a vegetarian and animal lover for the past 7 years, most of his Gomaloca’s work features animals and fruits. In his free time he enjoys doing comics about his life, emotions and occurrences. He also deeply enjoys creating imaginary around the naive theme, usually taking cute characters and giving them a "criminal" twist. His dreams involve illustrating at a larger scale and publishing a comic book. When not drawing, designing and illustrating, you can find Daniel riding around on his bike or hugging random dogs in the streets. Are there any in space?

An impeccable draughtswoman with a flair for combining luminous realism with confident brush and pencil marks, Eli Trotta is currently based in Dusseldorf. She obtained her degree in Arts in the University of Barcelona as well as in the European Institute of Design and her Master's in La Salle-Barcelona. She brings her passion for nature, sci-fi and video games in those digitally created fantastical landscapes that take your breath away. With a substantial experience in commercial projects, she designs and illustrates for technology companies, web and mobile applications and other multimedia projects. Eli is definitely one to watch.

Fabrizio Ferraro is a creative mind who received his Master's degree in Architecture and eventually chose to follow his life passion for drawing, though never dropping interest in the subject of his studies. His artistic interest and passion mostly lies in combining unexpected and unlike elements to create something unique, coherent and surprising. By doing so he draws inspiration from topics that have fascinated him since childhood and built his sense of aesthetics, such as nature and universe, ancient civilizations and mysticism, as well as references to fantasy, Japanese and videogame culture. 

Roger Pastor Novo, born in Catalonia, lives and enjoys the creative freedom in the sunny town near the city of Barcelona. He graduated from a famous La Llotja Art and Design Academy and with a trajectory of more than 15 years in the graphic department of a wide recognized fashion brand, he combines his daily work with personal projects and external collaborations. His exquisitely crafted and intricate digital drawings with a sharp, precise line have graced multiple international advertising and packaging projects. Roger has wonderfully participated in the Exquisite Corpse numerous times. And we are thrilled to have him as part of our talented roster!

Aspiring artist who comes from the Outer Universe, Bryan Maciel, AKA "Elisyan" sees the illustrating process as a therapy and a means of self-discovery. His strongly conceptual, signature style relies upon a whimsical, fantasy-driven world of characters and their exploits. Elisyan is fascinated by the cyberpunk, artificial organic and mechanical patterns which in his work address a balance of the beauty of nature and the perfection of technology. He is deeply interested by the world of manga created by Yoji Shinkaw, Tsutomu Nihei and Katsuya Terada. The sci-fi culture, dystopian and utopian fictions such as Ghost in the Shell, Akira, BLAME! and Ergo proxy, also futuristic novels and films are the primary influences in Elisyan’s work.

With minimal, expressive and vigorous strokes combined with touches of outrageous colours of a color blind illustrator, Jaume Osman Granda can narrate and make people smile. Coming from warm-hearted Catalonia, he is obsessed with applying a humorous and ironic twist to information-graphics and it is this combination that makes him a popular choice with art directors of across all design disciplines. Juicy geometry of the letters and playful pictorial illustration, while working on them he enjoys recurrent themes of the figure in the music, existence and human society humour.

Yeti is a Mexican illustrator and 2D animator that loves cats, plants, and a good morning cup of coffee to start her day. Photoshop and After Effects are her best allies. Yeti’s main core in the illustration field is animals but as soon as she is illustrating, she could work on almost everything. Her dream is to work with big brands and to give them voice and personality through her illustrations. Today Yeti is travelling to Uranus and admires its colors and the view to the Earth playing the Exquisite Corpse game.

Freelance artist from Cuba, Irenilla graduated in Plastic Arts at the El Alba Academy in Holguin. At the heart of her work, Irenilla adheres to Art Nouveau, Japanese culture and Loish art and explores the theme of femininity. In her work she represents the inner strength of women placed in the magical environments. Irenilla’s works are rare, captivating, and beautiful and not surpring have been featured on frint page of Opensea. Lover of the line and proficient in digital techniques, she creates female characters in a fantastical yet figurative style which makes her art irresistable.

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