Polarized Worlds by Eli Trotta

An impeccable draughtswoman with a flair for combining luminous realism with confident brush and pencil marks, Eli Trotta is currently based in Dusseldorf. She obtained her degree in Arts in the University of Barcelona as well as in the European Institute of Design and her Master's in La Salle-Barcelona. She brings her passion for nature, sci-fi and video games in those digitally created fantastical landscapes that take your breath away. With a substantial experience in design for companies and exhibitions, she is one of those creatives who stands behind "Opera. Passion, Power and Politics" show organised by La Caixa Forum and Victoria and Albert Museum. Eli is definitely one to watch.


9500 km are missing to climb. 9500 km are missing to go down. Why do mountains only have a height of ascent and not of descent? No one has told you that before. It was a hidden information.
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