Clean your mind by LOVA

Lorena Valentini, A.K.A. "LOVA" grew up in Switzerland and is currently based in Dietikon. After training as a graphic designer, Lorena worked for a long time in advertising agencies. In 2019 she set out to unleash her true potential as an artist. Her works are characterised by the use of the realistic environments mixed in which the illustrator introduces surrealists objects and expressions. With a sharp eye for the details and a great sense of humor, Lorena’s art is a perfect blend of the retro-futuristic and contemporary styles. Some of LOVA’s artworks find themselves in the archives of the Zürich University of the Arts and today within the Exquisite Corpse sequence.


With a back of quicksilver, with hands of light and a nape of rolled stone, she is bringing order to the planet. With hips of a skiff and the eyes of savanna, she is saying sotto voce  of  the drop of a glass where one has just been drinking: "Something worse than having a bad thought is an unclean thought."

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