#134 Winielyn Columna

The Night Sky is a Woman by Winielyn Columna

Winielyn Columna, AKA "Artswin" originally hails from Philippines. She is a 20-year old self-taught illustrator who has drawn since she was very young and feels comfortable with many media. Her signature style is the pixel art, since she is amazed by how tiny colored squares can tell a story. Her inspirations are mostly drawn from anime and manga and her main reference is the work by the pixel artist Waneella. Winielyn enjoys depicting people in familiar everyday situations always with a twist of romanticism and mystery. Artswin’s smart use of a saturated orange, a charcoal black together with a rich ivory color makes her works stand out from the crowd. After only one year of doing the pixel art, Artswin already counts with multiple global projects in game developing, music albums and music video production as well as the Moon edition of the Exquisite Corpse.


61,009 pixels are the sky, uniquely beautiful each night. 6 different colors are the the woman watching through the window. The image of a midnight blue will remain beautiful even inside our darkest thoughts. Let the light in!

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