#133 OROKU

Voodoo by Oroku

Oroku is a freelancer illustrator and visual designer form Taiwan graduated in the Visual Communication at the University in Hualien. His artwork is mostly based on 2D and 3D motion designs, live video jockeys and digital illustration and focuses on visual experimentation like render color and texture. With a passion for combining colors, Oroku’s illustrations are clean, yet organic with an emphasis on bold, simple, always blurry and shinning lines. Oroku works with rounded shapes and vibrant colours to tell a story, specifically stories of the unknown creatures possibly from other universes. Oroku’s delicate and whimsical illustration style has won him fans around the world. Currently he works at a picture-book project about the fear and the nightmare. Are you curious as much as we are?


The recipe of the Voodoo soup is simple. Head to the black market in your city. Choose the high quality eyeballs, fine good broth plus some spices. Light the fire and prepare a pottery pot. Put your material in order, simmer it for 7 hours. When you see the magic smoke, your super Voodoo soup is done!
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