Creative gravity by Erre Estudio

Born in Gran Canaria, Erik Arteaga Eroles, A.K.A. "Erre Studio“ is passionate about graphic design and illustration as well as of snow, snowboarding and nature. Over the last years Erik lived between Andora and Barcelona where he finished his Master’s degree in digital illustration. Strongly influenced by skateboarding, video games, and animation, he makes vector illustrations with few gradients and vibrant colors. His colorful and detailed illustrations depict an absurd reality with notes of humor. He is currently established in the French Alps from where he intends to consolidate himself as an illustrator and continue enjoying the mountains.


Out in the sky, no one sleeps. No one. The creatures of the Moon sniff and prowl about their cabins. The  unbelievable alligator resting beneath the tender protest of the stars will bite the ones who do not achieve their dreams.

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