A Journey To A Dystopian Future by Maria Isabel Díez R.

Colombian graphic designer focused on digital illustration, Maria Isabel Díez R. currently works at Makata Studio as a 3D designer. Her work is inspired by dystopian and emotional worlds and pre-Hispanic cultures. With a solid, tender and thoughtful body of work, Maria’ portfolio is predominantly portrait based, in which she explores how with neat lines and plain colors to highlight facial expressions and personal features of her characters. She also experiments with mixed media, hand and digital drawing, always sticking firmly to finding grace in stripping subjects back to their emotional expression. Just like in this cute exquisite cosmic token.


You like to find yourself by the road on such days like Sundays. Microworlds and macroworlds by your side, both to escape and stay. To loose yourself for a little while in order to return. To catch yourself and to release. When it is not summer, a big monster comes to visit you in your kitchen. May you count all the stars in the middle of his chest?

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