Fast fast food by Miriam Vázquez

Upon graduation with an art degree in Barcelona, Miriam Vázquez undertook an Advanced Drawing and Screen Printing courses and rediscovered color. With a fascination for all things sci-fi, comic, indie movies, and especially music, she has developed a flexible and diverse style working across editorial, exhibitions and publishing. With the sketch in mind Miriam recreates the unreal worlds with bold attractive characters drawing and inking them by hand and then digitizes the result adding color, shadows and highlights. Miriam says she was born in the dystopian year of 1984 and her art portrays the possible escape from everyday life through the fantasy. From Earth to... Mars?


Future, distant or not so much. Technology continues to advance and gives us the opportunity to do everything that we had planned in the past. Travel beyond the Solar System or the ability to inhabit outside a atmosphere, among others. And all this progress to be able to eat a hamburger in a car!
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