#84 Cris Buonanno

Cosmutation by Cristina Buonanno

Cristina Buonanno is an illustrator from Milan, currently living in the UK. Her personal art-project "Timbro Clone" is a way to explore her creativity through the infinite tools of digital illustration. With a professional background in Graphic Design, her research is focused on shaping the everyday world into simple visual principles. She enjoys drawing playful characters and colourful scenery inspired by nature and science. Her dream is to work on educational and cultural projects with the aim of a better understanding of the world in which we live. Cristina's style is bold and colourful, very graphic and mostly minimalistic. Catch this brilliant cosmic flower, make it yours!


Thinking about how everything will be, until we can see it, it is so great! As great as being there without being able to be there. This world is a wonder! I want to think about living like this but in my real world. Happy New Year!
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