Slimy Space by Hardbone

Hardbone originally comes from Japan who has been creating Voxel Art since 2018 professionally. He works at the intersection of technology and art to create dreamy, otherworldly scenes and immersive content for video-games and Metaverse. Hardbone excels at explaining mundane life, flora and fauna, architecture in the form of short, animated Voxel and Pixel arg content.

With his 3D design work, he constantly seeks to capture the confluence of the built and natural worlds through inviting fun places and spaces that make you dream as a kid. Hardbone usually works with MagicaVoxel, VoxEdit and Voxel Max and has SandBox among his major clients.


Slime-like organisms, they are aliens living on a planet different from the Earth. They use unique sound waves to communicate with each other. They have no emotional ups and downs and always have the same expression on their faces. Some humans also do, but it is because they become bored. No more boredom once you are in Metaverse!

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