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Warmer Hands by Nico Lob

Originally from Chile, Nico Lob lives in Korea. This colourful, nomadic story reflects in her warm, vivid colour palettes and concise collection of stylistic influences. Captivated since childhood by fantastic sceneries of Western cartoons and Asian animation, Nico who started originally as a graphic designer, has recently dabbled into the digital storytelling. She aspires to develop characters that could fit the game and animation industry and be released as Art Toy collections. The unusual creatures living in her brilliant imaginary world are often appreciated as a fair balance of oddity and cuteness while her drawing style most likely fits with words like chaos, alternative, oniric, and misfit. 


There is always someone that needs to be reached out for help. Extend your hand for them. In this cold creepy world, warmer hands are in demand way too far for way too long. No more covering selfish wounds, it is time for a caring healing touch.
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