Catfish by Katie Brookoff

Former screenwriting fellow at the American Film Institute, Katie Brookoff is an artist, writer, educator, and, occasionally, children's birthday party entertainer. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee Katie has lived in a bike shed, in uncomfortably close quarters with raccoons, and with a member of Gwar. Now based in New York where she makes some wonderful pixel art for the point-and-click adventure game "Landlubbers" and enjoys creating goofy art for kids and adults alike and draw pun-based single-panel cartoons. Spontaneous, quirky, inherently humorous and adaptable, Katie's drawings with her cute witty characters become the protagonists of literary journals and blogs for kids.


A hacker from a troll farm, a kid in your parents' basement, a diplomat wishing to be royalty. Mostlikely you are not a prince. Sometimes the details are too fuzzy or fishy for you to even be a human.
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