Oniric Fish by Anna on the Moon

Anna on the Moon is the pseudonym of a graphic designer, art director and illustrator from Barcelona who speaks as poetically as she draws. Her real name is Anna and she likes geometry, symmetry, color and for her less is more. Currently, she works in a creative production company growing professionally and personally every day. Alongside her commercial practice, Anna is developing her artistic practice through personal projects. Her sumptuous painting style is fresh and elegant. She is addicted to the series, chocolate, colors of the sunset and her beautiful cats. She only asks the future for love, health, money and adventures. And a little bit of carrot and orange juice. On Earth and on Mars.


The fish has escaped from one of my dreams. He has walked around the neighborhood, has ordered a vermouth, has taken a taxi and the next thing we know is that he has ended up in that small, magical and dreamlike space between ear and ear. That space where the best ideas are born and where everything begins again.

Wermú is so magical and special that when tasting it for the first time it seems that there is no gravity and you are taken directly to the stars. Feel like an authentic
astronaut! Take a sip and float through the refreshing sensation of having a
drink directly from the Cosmos!

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