Hypnagogia 3.0 by Roger Haus

Born and raised in Barcelona, Roger Haus converted his passion for digital art into the driving force to build the project which is here to make history - Exquisite Workers. Excited about the mesmerizing work of Surrealists, Roger’s art is an invitation to self-reflection. His most famous work “Hypnagogies” has been featured on Wetransfer, TimeOut and Visions Gallery. Graduated at La Llotja Arts and Crafts Academy and Superior School of Design and Fashion IDEP and with 15 years of experience creating award-winning digital products, Roger Haus has ventured into developing a visual language for Cocoon, Els Amics de les Arts, and the UN-associated DigitalArt4Climate.


Have you ever experienced that state in which the mind finds the harmony between wakefulness and sleep? It is when the consciousness is not yet active and the subconscious dominates the mind. The greatest gift you can ever give to yourself is a day-dreaming in the middle of the night. Become Hypnagogia!


The huge image, displayed in a predominant position in the exhibition, shows, just as in our brain, layers and layers of icons put on top of one another. These are interwoven creating a web of organic images which far from elucidate makes us dive in a hypnotic state difficult to escape from.

Once a first image is identified, you get driven by an irresistible impulse to stretch this thread to unravel the puzzle and thus, hold on to a logical discourse to be able to understand something.


This is ultimately a work as complex as thought, yet very close if you just simply let go.

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