Amazing Ramen by Hoody Duck

Hoody Duck originates from Seoul, South Korea. After majoring in Visual Design in his home country, he worked for a digital printing company as a graphic and web designer for 15 years. Currently Hoody Duck specializes in photography for young children and undertakes character design and cartoon projects that he has always dreamed of. He draws a lot of his inspiration from art toys and mystery-focused cartoons and movies. In his works Hoody mostly expresses the emotions and feelings that he recalls at different moments of his daily life. Brought on paper and expressed through his characters, they no longer seem ordinary and become exaggerated, humorous,and sometimes blunt. Hoody is very much keen on sharing the joys and sorrows through his art with as many people around the world as possible. And today beyond the Earth.


We are so busy chasing new trends that the only rest is to fill up a meal with the simple and cheap instant ramen and sit on the toilet for a while. Why not turn off the stimulating and flashy music and lights and pause for a moment to find the rhythm and light of your own life?

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