#138 PUPE

Alicia en1Q84

Born in Buenos Aires in 1994, Pupe Marín, AKA "Puppermin" moved to Madrid where she graduated in Graphic Design and Advertising. Heavily influenced by the world of street art, graffiti, and tattoos, Pupe usually works on a female body representation. The artist is vigorously attracted to strong, determined women-figures and Pupe’s work has become a place where the charismatic lady-characters escaping from the classic canons of beauty happily live. Pupe loves music, especially hiphop, dancehall, trap, salsa and reggaeton “dosmilero". Curious by nature, Puppermin experiments with color and contrast building her retro-futuristic world, always telling a story with a touch of humor. She loves cats and she takes one on board of "NFT to stay".


Japanese cyberpunk of the 80s, you are floating through darkness of bright neons. Alisa, a tempting cyborg, is staring at me. Your hair is made of cobweb nets - once your head was ripped off. Now you wear a suit and boots similar to the one which belonged to the old you who exploded like a bomb.
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