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Jackson Pollock by Patrick Aere

Patrick Aere is a Swiss-Costa Rican media designer, illustrator and NFT artist based in Munich. Initially, he studied Microbiology but then changed to Fine Arts and never looked back, starting his journey as a designer. Soon he began to work as a freelancer for companies around the globe, including Zedge in New York, CoreMedica in Geneva and Mixtiles in Tel Aviv, before being hired by an international consulting company in the design field. This allowed him to gain a routine drawing,
illustrating, and animating to express ideas in a creative way. In his free time, he enjoys surfing the Eisbach river wave in Munich, going to museums and taking photographs.


My friends hate him. Your friends adore him. And me, I have always been intrigued by both his bigger-than-life persona and the aura that a lot of his paintings have. Just like in the NFT world: is the hype justified? Who are the creators behind the artworks? Are NFTs the next big thing in art?
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