12+1 by Babi Angel

Angel Ririsu, AKA "Babi Angel" is a multidisciplinary artist who stands out for her versatile capacity for development in all possible artistic disciplines: from photography and cinema to illustration and graphic design. Being an extremely introverted person, from a young age she has felt a certain ability to capture the small details that little by little would expand her artistic imagination. With a rich emotional life, Babi is keen on exploring art through nostalgia, thus delving into retro-futuristic genres, cyberpunk and sci-fi. In her visual works there are elements of these aesthetics captured through colors and geometry. Playing with elements such as balance and mysticism, she invites the feelings of uncertainty and mystery and shares them on Saturn.


The number 12 make 12 dimensions of the universe which are impassable without a receiver. For centuries 13 has represented the access to those dimensions and here these are geometric figures which meet the viewer. If something has not changed for generations, it is the meaning of the symbols and the nature of reality. What has changed is the perception of things, what the globalist elite has wanted to happen by using art and symbology as one more means of mass manipulation.
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