La Sed by Laura Armengol

Laura Armengol better known as Lur, was born, grew up and obtained her art Degree in Barcelona. She studied graphic design in EINA and years later a postgraduate Degree in Illustration in BAU Design College of Barcelona. Although the design is what opened the doors to the professional world, her passion lies in illustration, painting and comic that she tries to introduce it into all aspects of her life. She began diving in fine-art by experimenting with oil paintings as well as pastels and acrylics. Finally Lur discovered the digital art which currently has become her main way of self-expression. She never left aside more traditional techniques though and expects to never ever stop drawing.


This is a totally predicted and expected hymenoptera invasion due to the dehumanization of our civilisation. It is more night when the remains of objects that were used in our times are left as marks. Things that were enjoyed, just like drinks which brought joy and a lot of gas in the nose.

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