285 BROTOTTI - slither


Futuristic Existentialism by Brototi

Brototi Mondal is a young illustrator and communication designer from India exploring sci-fi and retro-futuristic themes. Marvelled by the novels of William Gibson who convincingly imagines the near future and by dystopian artworks of Leopoldo D’Angelo Danguiz who also shares his cyber view on what may come, Brototi loves to explore computers, their consequences and interactions with the humans. With a Master degree in Visual communication in IDC School of Design, Bombay, she has elaborated her unique contrasting hard-lined style which is neo-noir, mysterious and grunge. Miss Mondal grew up watching Blade Runner and got fascinated by such series as Love Death & Robots and Westworld. Brototi is keen on creating an array of powerful characters and badass women who we wish were our best friends.


In this emotionally distant world , among machines, war and in between concrete jungle. I forgot the identity I ever had once. The modern universe turned me into a passive figure who does not know how to express emotions and lost the memory of how the greens and innocence used to be. Can you spot me in this hybrid? I am eaten by our own creation.

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