Roger's Lunar Park by Juan PNG

Juan PNG is a 30 year old visual artist born in the south of Argentina. His beginnings in digital illustration go back to a very early age and come with a use of a Microsoft's Paint program. The drawings that characterize Juan's work are based on reversals of pictorial works by well-known artists, on geometric illustrations in parallel perspective angled at 45º with complex compositions of shapes; and also on nature, especially zoological species. He has two very marked styles: the geometric and the organic or naive. Juan likes to work with brushes that mimic the crayon and with a vivid color palette that refers to the 80's. In future Juan is dreaming of illustrating a Best Seller.


A recent collision with an asteroid left us stranded near the Moon. To have fun while someone comes to Roger’s rescue, he has created a park with the broken pieces of the Space Base. Through stairs, tubes and elevators, he is eating the cheese triangles. It is his prize! Create houses and shelters to rest in space? It is all cheesy for Roger!
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