ETHER <3 by Gema Moltó

Gema Moltó originally hails from Alicante and undertook her academic artistic training in Valencia, Spain. Gema combines her personal work inclusing commissions or collaborations in the field of illustration, design graphics and muralism with teaching arts in the local public institutions. Fascinated by the nature and daily things, Gema brings flora and fauna in her subtle and pleasant work and tells visual stories of female characters experiencing little joys of life. Gema is a true renaissance woman, working with many formats, media and techniques aiming to explore things intuitive, oneiric and intangible. Her work is sought out for its humour as much as for the experimentation with colors and shapes.


The earthly and the heavenly are the basic elements of matter. They gravitate through the firmament in the form of air, water, fire and earth. There is a secret fifth level of vibration to attract peace to good souls. It is up to us to interpretate things on the fly.
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