Eye Of Harmony by Naiara Zalbidea

Naiara Zalbidea currently lives in Barcelona, ​​although she was born in a small that is called Sopela, located 20 minutes from Bilbao, where, according to her, the best waves are found. She studied a higher Degree in Illustration and after finishing it, she decided to pursue a Master's degree in techniques for analog and digital illustration. She continued to study screen printing stamping and color treatment, creating designs for tattoos, curating works of art always combining it with editorial projects or personal work. Naiara’s visual creations are greatly inspired by the idea of ​​Africa, nature and the cycle of life, aspects that strongly mark her fantasies. Her list of ideas is immense and she feels a great need to generate and express emotions through her illustrations and devour in diverse art disciplines and styles.


Duality, repetition and surrealism. The need to find balance and chaos at the same place. An eye which sees it all. And interpretates oneself and surroundings.
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