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Roadtripping by by 50's Vintage Dame

After a lifetime of drawing and an extensive career in graphic design, 50's Vintage Dame works exclusively in the field of retro-illustration. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia as a child she would spend all her pocket money buying Archie comics and then filling her days drawing pictures of Betty and Veronica. Obsessed with the visual aesthetics of 1940s-1950s, today she creates retro-themed vintage art addressing modern concepts by using the digital tools available in the 21st century. In her own words, exploring the concept of retro-futurism in a contemporary sense helps to identify our place in a post-pandemic world. Sci-fi novels and movies, and cartoons like The Jetsons are her biggest inspiration. The illustrator’s versatile, dynamic style, with the intense color palette and vibrant drawing technique, places her work in great demand by all sort of projects. On Mars as well.


We see the world through a filter - even when we travel to a beautiful destination
we are still viewing it through our own preconceptions and prejudices. The dashboard hula dancer is an escape from the pressures of life to an exotic island where we are free and relaxed. It is like a narrow and exploitative view where native women have no value other than as entertainment for tourists. 
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