#494 Dating a Genius by Anna Dart

Anna Dart bridges creators, projects and institutions and brings a deep sense of purpose and her light in everything she does. Known for her striking magnetic portraits with an intelligent handling of creamy and elegant gray tones, Anna Dart searches for inspiration in contemporary dance, drama and Gaudi's architecture​, and creates sensual visual experiences, a passionate call for better universal human connection. In 2022 Anna Dart curated several works for the WOW Festival Dubai featured on CNBC Arabia TV and currently displays her work at Seattle NFT Museum and NFT Liverpool Exhibit selected by Paris Hilton among 6K artists.


 All is quiet. Close your eyes and let you hear the heartbeat of the house. Is this the murmur of the sea waves? Or is this the music of the butterfly wings?

This artwork is inspired by YVES TANGUY.

The voice recording is based on the original text by art curator and critic Gabriel Virgilio Luciani dedicated to Anna Dart´s work. This artwork is also inspired by Antoni Gaudí.

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