Cosmic Audience by Jules Blanc

Jules Blanc is a Brazilian visual artist graduated in Design at Universidade de São Paulo. Although most of her artworks are digital illustrations, she experiments with many different media and techniques to discover new ways of doing things. Passionate about storytelling and character design, her main sources of inspiration are from pop culture – cartoons, anime, comics, Disney movies – as well as artists who are known for contributing to large artistic movements such as Alphonse Mucha and René Magritte. Another great reference is folklore and especially the yokai from Japan, as each yokai has highly interesting and quirky narratives. Jules hopes to bring her own ideas to life, possibly causing a positive impact.


Once bothered by the feeling of always being watched, people decided to embrace it and make their own lives a spectacle, wishing for all the eyes of the universe to look at them. So many divas - and they all want to be the center of the Solar System.

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