#391 Space Debris - AMIR KARIMI

Space debris by Amir Karimi

Amir Karimi originally hails from Iran where he graduated in Architecture and found his passion in 3D. Amir creates sophisticated dream-like animations to make a difference for the environment with his art. Driven by inner thoughts and concerns about the Earth, his art can be eclectic, evoking and surrealistic. His artworks have been shown in various galleries including The wrong Biennale in Spain and Iconic Mints by the WSJ+.

Co-founder of a volunteer group that informs people about a sustainable living, eager to raise awareness about the environmental issues, Amir enrolled into the DigitalArt4Climate Art Contest at COP26 and became a proud Second Prize Winner. Welcome on board of Exquisite Workers!


As long as humans have been exploring space, we have also been creating a bit of a mess. There are more than 27,000 pieces of orbital debris, or “space junk,” orbiting the Earth and the rising population of space debris increases the potential danger to all satellites and spacecrafts. As the skies become increasingly crowded with orbiters, all nations need to pitch in to quell the growing problem.
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