Cryptoboy by Ignacio Valicenti

Ignacio Valicenti is an Argentine visual artist born in Buenos Aires in 1980. He began his academic training in fine-arts and graphic design and then dabbled in graffiti. Highly polished, detailed images with a vintage twist, his illustrations tend to explore motifs that refer to the aesthetics of the beginning of the 20th century as well comics, sci-fi and B movies. Ignacio is an avowed admirer of the illustrators of the German magazine "Simplicissimus", and of the Kaijus of Japanese tokusatsu with all of the heroic symbolism that this implied. His work draws on a dazzling blend of popular iconography, elements of botany and Mannerist human figures. Ignacio is currently exploring metal engraving and screen printing.


There is a gaze that was always with me. It is the gaze that surprises. You carry it in your pocket and you rarely remember that you can still take it out and recall something that you never ever saw.
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