I Feel Like I’m Letting Myself Fall by Miss Paperfrog

Miss Paperfrog is the alter ego of the enigmatic artist from Madrid now residing in
Barcelona who enjoys fabricating oniric worlds where the cartoon style and the
pastel colours flood the screen. Her real name is Patricia and she loves to create characters with whom to talk about her everyday problems. Each one of them has a piece of her and shows herself to the world. Usually she daydreams and funs to invent stories and parallel lives. She recreates a universe of round shapes, pastel colours and a stylized aesthetics that transport us to the world of dreams, to the other side of Alice's mirror. Get this mega token and do not lose sight of Patricia while she is navigating space!


Plastic eyes are seeing all the things that our human eyes would like to see and learn: the real value of time and what is contained in it, the serenity of knowing oneself transitory and laughing at it - and also the value of being firm in times of inconsistency. Is it really necessary to achieve this to have the stone eyes? Try dancing twerking.

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