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Intelligence Against Poverty by Tom Hoff

Tom Hoff is an illustrator and graphic artist born in Santiago de Chile. After starting a design and illustration studio in his hometown, he dedicated himself to nurturing his graphic style by undertaking the Master's​ degree in illustration and comics in Elisava, Barcelona. Tom creates exquisitely crafted and intricate drawings with a sharp line. His lustrous illustrations are at the same time both beautiful and satirical, with a deep-rooted fascination with multicultural narratives. His personal work is characterized by evoking characters that mix reality with fiction, in order to convey a new world to be seen and explored by the viewer.​


I would like to think that all the technological efforts that we are making today have a social and environmental focus. I imagine robots working for the good of humanity, and helping those most in need. I imagine once and for all that we will use our knowlegde and skills to end poverty and take care of our planet.
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