Tech Pile by Joseph Cox

Living in Hull, UK has given Joseph Cox a keen eye for the peculiarities of modern life. His personal work is inspired by technology, science and electronic music. He works largely with digital mediums such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects and then translate his art into print - be that giclee, screenprint or risograph; and more recently explores paint and other analog mediums. On a commercial side, he also encompasses graphic design and branding and has notched up projects as diverse as murals painting, event promotion for music festivals, museum illustration, placemaking and maps. Joseph Cox might be the one to make the first ever map of the Red Planet!


I have some old equipment that I cherish. Vintage technology that has since been replaced by newer, faster, better equipment. Today I make it more bold and crisp and adorn with new dazzling colors and give it back a prestige it no longer has!
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