Cosmic Adventures by Wild Little Stories

Wild Little stories were a cute furry creatures living in sketchbooks for so long times. During the pandemic time they decided to show yourself to the world to bring some hope and smile to people faces with their wild adventures. Every story is unique, and shows brave „warriors” who despite adversities, often unfavorable conditions, unexpected events are fighting and don’t give up in any obstacles. Each of creature characterize in some imperfection. They have wounds, scratches, sometime tears, but they have an attitude to never give up. Thery are very determined to send a lot of love, cuteness and hugs. They love: nature, value true loyal friendship, getting to know new places, other Worlds and Spaces.


Let’s meet another furry wild Creature. His name is William, and with Saturn they are going to explore outer space in search of those in need of help (obviously not escaping from wild adventures :D) Join them and have a great fun time!
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