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Bloom by Foxnaif

Multidisciplinary creative studio "Foxnaif" was founded by Gizem Sezer in 2019 in the city of London. Specialising in illustration and graphic compositions, Gizem aspires to create artwork with a playful sugestive style. With clients like Kaffi Coffee, Valaita Winery, Speedyteller under her belt and a folio that spans from branding to design work, Gizem brings to each and every project her passion for storytelling awaking feelings and recreating awkward moments. Foxnaif has derived from the word ‘faux-naïf’ which means a literary or artistic style, emanated from a search for an authentic unsophisticated artistic experience, unaffected by the trappings of civilisation. Foxnaif loves to draw with a pencil and in her minimalistic series of personal work often visits places which do not exist.


I like to tell stories about humanly feelings. I always try to present my female characters in a similar way, in the hope that some of their feelings will reflect on me, as well as my audience. I wanted to create an image that have a contrast between the passive, dreamy attitude of my character and the dark colours.
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