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Proof Of Work by ROGER HAUS

Roger Haus is an award winning artist and the proud founder of Exquisite Workers. He studied in La Llotja Arts and Crafts Academy where Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró used to take lessons and also obtained his degree in Superior School of Design and Fashion IDEP in Barcelona. Excited about the mesmerizing work of surrealists, Roger's art is the invitation to the subconscious universe. His most famous work Hypnagogies was featured on Wetransfer, TimeOut, Visions Gallery and Exquisite Workers' historical "NFT to stay" mission. Roger Haus is keen on minimalistic, humanist and timeless design and passionate about Hip-Hop and Kawaii culture. What makes him the happiest person in the world is seeing Salvador Dalí’s paintings with his own eyes and crossing the gorgeous Mediterranean sea under the rain.


More egalitarian and less violent temporal distribution. The unearthed imagination. These isolated and insulting apis enclose within themselves a deep speculation from which the emerge. Do not hesitate to reach me out in case of doubts. 
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