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Tres Mil Veces Tres by Maulen

Born in Morelos, Mexico, Axel Iván Mendoza Duarte goes under a pseudonym "Maulen". Interested in drawing from an early age, Maulen expresses his desire for learning to draw scratching everything he finds in his path. Having studied the Graphic Design at the Faculty of Higher Studies Acatlán UNAM, he finds Mexican graphics to be extremely attractive to him. Nevertheless, Ax is deeply inspired by Baroque art, Art Nouveau and Impressionism. His work combines his love for simple shapes and finely defined color palettes with detailed elements and charming utterly dynamic characters. He manually adds shadings and nuances giving the final illustration a comic look. The recurring themes of Maulen’s artworks are freedom, peace and chaos. The artist ensures that a fascination for these topics is manifested in his own life.


After the Gods had walked over the stone, they left it as smooth as a mirror, then they threw the first word and three words bounced off the mirror three thousand times and all different. Here the Pre-Hispanic Goddess speaks in front of the mirror which is represented by a marble. The marble is a symbolic element of the childhood of many generations in Latin America. The glass comes from the element earth therefore is the equivalent of the stone of legend.

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