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Death In My Mind by Zulema Galeano

Visual artist specialised in drawing, fashion, art direction and photography, Zulema obtained her degrees at La Llotja Art School of Arts and Crafts and the University of Barcelona, Spain. Zulema’s interest for nature has led her to make numerous trips around which her art portfolio articulated, closely linked to the landscape and female beauty. Her creative world evolves around the past, the unconscious and the femininity and with her artwork she invites the reflections about the state of physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Zulema combines collaborations with magazines and newspapers with the creation of illustrated books and personal projects. Zulema has illustrated more than 10 children books and now has reached as far Saturn.


We live with our backs to death and that increases our depressive, hoarding, self-destructive states. I claim through art the right to normalize what we do not know and which is inexorably to come! Turn off. Game over.
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