Sumo 404 by Leo Moreira

Leo Moreira carried out his professional training in Visual Communication and Design at the National University of Lanús, in the Buenos Aires Province, where he is currently a part of the professors’ team. Her distinctive illustrative work spans the worlds of product and indentity design, literature, mobile apps and magazines. Leo is keen on drawing nature, relationships, still and animal life with a quiet and grace. Leo Moreira creates faceless characters which ultimately generate a free interpretation of gender and a sense of mystery. Passionate about the typographic universe and experimentation with fonts, when he is not illustrating, Leo undertakes a new branding project and designs a brand-new typography. Greatly focused on details and exploring all sorts of pictoric textures, as a good Argentine from the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Leo always invites the Mate drink to be the part of his artistic process. 


A world where physical contact no longer exists, the reality was crossed by the virtuality. Two bodies are fighting searching for the answer. A failure, this is an error in the system that captures the instant. Are they fighting against one another? Or are they showing the simple need for affection?

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