Des1erto by Víctor Rodríguez González

Víctor Rodríguez González is a technical architect, interior designer and illustrator. Victor is also a teacher at the superior school of art of Andalusia ESADA, of Expression Techniques and Commercial Projects. Victor´s creative work revolves around the development of the portrait and the human figure, combining it both with botanical elements and emotions. At the heart of his work surreal representations of organic forms that evoke wonder, melancholia, and hope. When Victor is not working at the screen he loves to do urban sketching, assemble lego figures and loz blocks. His major references in the world of the illustration are Simón Prades, Conrad Roset, Egon Schiele, and today the great Surrealists of Neptune!


This is my story of the world we are living in. What will be of us if we follow the path that current events are taking? The human being is made of the environment, and dies inside just like our world does.

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