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Bloom In Moonlit Night by Yasha Shrivastava

Yasha Shrivastava never lets you indifferent. Being a passionate art enthusiast, illustrator, visual artist, and researcher, she is based out of Madhya Pradesh, India. Her works are intimate portrayals of female expression, identity and individuality and are beautifully handled in a surreal fantastic spaces full of a sense of belonging. Her use of metaphors with erotic subject matter serves as a strategy of merging art with real life making her audience crave for more. Enjoying the female-driven narratives, Yasha weaves stories involving an active awareness of sexuality, the presumption of gender and sensuality.


The powerful women conscious of their internal desires, gracefulness and modesty take ownership of their bodies in all its glory and internal majesty! The Sprouts grow in beauty, theygrow with no fear. And the life goes by, always new and fragile. 
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