Do Not Push by Lolo Carranza

Crisp, pleasingly simple graphic icons and clever illustrations, this is the way Lolo Carranza brings joy to the world. She resides in Barcelona and has exhibited her work alone and collectively in Spain, Costa Rica and Mexico where she originally comes from. She is constantly exploring various materials and techniques of expression, both analog and digital. She has worked for advertisement agencies such as The Branding People and FlandeCoco. Lolo is currently part of the design team at Mr. Wonderful with whom she has done some collaborations for various established fashion brands. Miss Carranza, she is one of the first ones to reach as far as the Moon!


That self-sabotage that we submit to every day through social networks is on my paper. My pen is drawing the smiles to the faces. Is this the modern-world comedy? What is the best way to satire one’s own misery?
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