I Wish We Had More Time by Jellyburger

Jellyburger, A.K.A. Julie Berger Lindh, brings her talent on board right away from Norway. She went to Strykejernet art school in Oslo to study sculpture before moving to England where she graduated with a degree in Digital Animation. With an affinity for using 3D graphics she creates hazy surreal moments edging on the unsettling. The muted and the hyperbolic reflected both in theme and style underline her fascination with creating a moment of introspection within a world of escapism. In Norway she has been part of several exhibitions at gallery Brenneriet, gallery Ingensteds and Varmtbadet with Drøbak art collective, as well as a solo exhibition at Sniki Art Gallery. Today Jellyburger is one of the first ones to exhibit in Venus!


They know we are here tonight to give the mountains new names and forget the old ones. The captain shook his head. There is no hatred here. He listened to the wind. From the look of their cities, they are a graceful, beautiful and philosophical people.

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