#399 Coordenadas E7 

Coordenadas E7 by Albert Regadera

Albert Regadera is a Barcelona-born graphic designer and art director who counts 15 years of experience working for agencies and design studios. Passionate about photography (photomontage), graphics, 3D, Albert strives for a constant creative and technological evolution by revisioning and reinventing his work.

His approach is organic and manual, although his output is purely digital. This method allows him to preserve his identity and bring something new to every creative collaboration. Beautiful contribution to the Crypto Corpse! Do not miss it!


Family of biobots floating under the E7 coordinates. Little artificial beings, programmable and 100% biodegradable, with shapes and organic textures, make us doubt whether they are living beings or not. A cloud of colorful and metallic shapes floating in a background black reminds us of the depth and dimension of an infinite space.

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