Le Secret by Em Bolieu

Wildlife technician and illustrator Em Bolieu finds herself joyfully working on many scientific illustration projects in the province of Quebec, Canada where she was born. Her art process is about drawing things she is in love with: birds, butterflies, mountains and animals, - and spending probably too many hours finding the perfect colors to reflect that love. She lives by sea and forest, which comes through in her rich, colourful digital illustrations, bursting at the seams with narrative and charm. Em says she is just obsessed with color and also fascinated by science and anything vintage and uses illustration as a way to reunite unlikely partners in one dance.


Who would like to be a protected animal? Who would like their wild side to be taken beyond the known horizons? Those Chosen. Those whose life depends on the highest beings who want to reach the furthest galaxies of the system. That system which you want to escape from, from which you want to be abducted.
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