478 MASE ✅

Chatarra Espacial by Mäse

The tattoo, street and digital artist with an overactive imagination, David Mase, better known as Mäse, develops his unique work in the city of Granada. Using both Traditional and Digital techniques, he draws on large walls as well as on a skin, canvas and digital canvas. Projecting his sketches to all sorts of support, he has become more and more prolific, developing extraordinary comic characters with psychedelic and a little childish aesthetics and an ambiguous message. David enjoys losing himself in the work, creating mysterious pieces that speak to the audience on a personal level, evoking strong emotional responses.


Is this what is happening in your mind since you are born until you leave? It is in this space between your ears that the space junk roams the orbits. It eventually shapes some organic structures which are intertwined with wiring and metallic figures composing an abstract being with three all seeing eyes.

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