Neon Anouk by RJurado

Inspiring? Mesmerising? Intriguing? Unsettling? It is difficult to describe the digital illustration by RJurado. But one thing is for sure, it does not leave the spectator indifferent. Beautifully rendered in warm colors and smoke his illustrations make you wonder and want to see more. Graduated with a degree in Animation in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2010, the artist dedicated the last 13 years to the production of animated audiovisual material for media and advertising companies as well as to the art direction, character design and editorial illustration. RJurado is avidly interested in travelling, gastronomy, comic book culture and photography.


Between flashbacks I think I remember being stunned. It was wonderful to see so much color and good vibration! It was spectacular... I did not get the name. There was a very loud music. But I remember it happened there, between flashes...

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