The Lady Of The Past by Inma Hortas

Inma Hortas is a Galician illustrator based in Madrid. She completed Technical Industrial Engineering before graduating in Graphic Design, a profession that she has been practicing for over ten years, both in-house and freelance. Her style is very graphic, vibrant and resounding, with voluptuous and fun shapes, and evocative concepts. Always a storyteller with an affinity for whimsy, emotions, and a well-delivered moral, she is most fond of illustration as a means of expression. Her style is fresh, using flat colours with an eye-catching quality. Being an illustrator whose works make a difference in the world and touch the heart of the spectator is her whole life dream.


Freedom, how wild! I even think I dream it. I am very happy to be able to laugh as much as I want. It is almost like flying! You laugh because in every laugh you rise from the ground.
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