191 César Amézaga

#191. FutureSelf by César Amézaga, EW - Curating our identity in the Metaverse by Michaela Larosse, The Fabricant

Greatly talented man with an eye for detail, colour, composition, motion and visual emotion, César Amézaga who goes under "Ultraviolence_Graphics" drives his inspiration from anime, video games, fashion and Asian culture. Graduated at the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba, César Amézaga creates impressive highly realistic artworks with the focus on digital garments which are able not only to tell the story, but also capture the atmosphere so the viewer can feel the glow of the future or spark of the depicted moment. Constantly striving for visual excellence, illustrator’s inspirations come from fantastic stories, space and Exquisite Corpse games. 


With an eye for detail César Amézaga illustrates the vision of the future by Michaela Larosse from The Fabricant. Eagerly delving in the limitless Metaverse she leaves an interesting question with the reader, ‘When you can be anything, what will you be?’ Inspired by anime, video games and Asian culture, César focuses his pieces on digital garments that project an aura that gives the viewer a taste of the garment’s future themed narrative.
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