#121 Player0ne

Alejandra Estevez who goes under "Player0ne" is a Dominican graphic designer currently living in the Canary Islands, Spain. She has acquired a well-rounded background in all kinds of media. Alejandra’s digital imagery is deeply personal and contains a symbolism that narrates the stories from her daily life. She creates aesthetic experiences guided by beauty and intended for visual communication. Her expressive light and shadows glide across the screen, recreating the human form with an inherent elegance. Her work is pleasingly varied, making it appeal across the board from publishing to fashion brands. In the future she wants to become a great exponent of 3D illustration. Welcome on board, Player0ne!


Antimatter is like the matter, except that it goes in the opposite direction of time. That means that while you are getting older every day, I am getting younger. I really hope that you will not be shocked too much by this news: I am an alien, yes, I am. And made of the substance that the humans do not know yet.
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