Farm´s Description In The 20th Century by RicardU

The Venezuelan Andes native, Ricardo Useche works under pseudonym "RicardU" and currently resides in Barcelona. Since he was a child he used to carry his backpack with a notebook, pencils and a set of watercolors, fascinated by his surroundings. These days he often uses his illustrations to describe his feelings, dreams and concerns. RicardU is inspired by pop culture, cinema and classic graphic novels and on his charming art gives the audience the benefit of the doubt using an almost childlike style that seeks to appeal to the viewer's conscience. His colors evoke states of mind, smells and personal memories as well as experiences of others. His work includes illustrations, postcards, posters, children's books, collaborations with publishers and Digital and CryptoExquisite Corpses.


We miss you, those who took care of us, those who sang to us in the mornings, you were our Mothers. You were our farms. You were our school.
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