Modern Battlefields by Josh Mora

Josh Mora began to draw stories and characters as a child together with his brother. They collected, printed and framed them. That was the beginning of his lifetime passion. Josh studied art in a high school and continued to practice it and learn intermittently over the years. Sharp, large strokes, color contrasts and exaggerated anatomical proportions define Mora's rich and distinctive style, highly influenced by French comic and manga. His pictures tell the story on their own and the whole set leads to imagine new narratives. Keen on comics and short stories, the ideal future project would be to publish his own comic book. Will it be the book of Josh going to space?


Several buildings are being heavily bombed. The small room is an improvised laboratory in which one can hear the sound of the explosions and news reports. With serene eyes she waits for that the doctor to finish the intervention of the mechanical arm. In a meanwhile, the television reports that there is nothing to fear.
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